"Le Soir-A French Countryside Eatery Hidden In The Heart Of Bayport"

Driving through Bayport one could be excused for missing completely the precious little gem hidden on the roadside—and the amazing French fine dining experience it contains..

Nestled behind a hedgerow, with both building and sign almost invisible to a quickly passing motorist, lies a quaint cottage style house that not long ago underwent a complete remodel & refurbishment into an even more eye pleasing and beautiful establishment then before..


                                                                                    As far as French restaurants are concerned, Long Island is sadly lacking but the few spots that do grace our shores are blessed to be helmed by true blue francophiles such as "Chef Michaël"



Originally from Limon, France in the heart of that wonderful region that blesses the world with the luscious red wine from which it was named—Burgundy, and which bestowed on the world two of Frances famous dishes-Coq Au Vin and Boeuf Bourguignon..

                                                                                                                                                                      Chef and Co-Owner Michaël Kaziewicz and his wife Janis have owned this authentic French bistro since 1977. It is a testament to their skill, hard work and love for French cuisine that they deliver tasty, truly excellent, food "as advertised" time and time again for diners night in and night out..

                                                                                                                                                                From the moment you enter the light, open, airy restaurant with its white walls, white tablecloths, soft lighting and tasteful decorative accents you get a sense and come to realize that this is not some stuffy, haute French restaurant but is instead, very much so, a little comfortable French country cottage that doesn't give in to fads..

                                                                            Value for your money, taste, freshness are what's important in "Le Soir"—so don't expect minuscule portions or tiny towers of artfully assembled ingredients that barely resemble food..

This is classic French countryside cuisine with depths of flavor and only the freshest of ingredients..


For this evenings affair we tried a little bit of several dishes and desserts, just to be sure—at least that's what I'm telling my over satisfied belly as I write..

Everything was superb and I wish I had room and time to try everything—but suffice it to say, there is more than an ample mix of dishes to choose from..

From the very authentic pate's, sweetbreads and escargot that not every guest accompanying you might enjoy—to the plethora of dishes such as steak au poivre, chicken fricassée, sautéed lobster, rack of lamb and duck with orange sauce (to name a few) which are sure to please nearly any guest in your party..

Wine selection was plentiful and well priced for the average diner with enough options for the truly special occasions when you desire to go all out without care for cost..

                                                                          Follow that with excellent coffee (always a must for me) and delectable desserts, and this is one dining experience you don't want to miss..

"Le Soir" is a restaurant that is worth your time and money to try—even if the idea of French cuisine lies outside of your comfort zone. Because this fine French comfort food is most assuredly, oh so "Definitely Delish"

"Trumpets on the Bay-For A Romantic Meal On The East End"

"Trumpets on the Bay"

Living on an island like we do, here in New York, rewards us with a nearly unending assortment of beautiful dining options to choose from—and this is one of them...

"Trumpets on the Bay" is located in the charming town of Eastport, and about halfway to the Hamptons, right along the edge of Seatuck Cove & Moriches Bay—this lovely restaurant offers you magnificent water views and impeccable service by the polite, well dressed staff...

This "special occasion" restaurant lures romantics not only with the stunning seaside scenery but also with the fine American-Continental cuisine—which I happened to just adore...

"Fine Cuisine & Romantic Views"

Though its one me and my Baby don't get to quite as often since moving west to the Great South Bay area, it is still a wonderful restaurant to enjoy on a weekend excursion with your sweetheart—afterwards, especially if you stop in for Sunday Brunch, you can stroll through a few of the antique stores and boutiques in town for a little shopping or, better yet, take a short drive west to Moriches and enjoy discovering all of the interesting odds and ends inside of the "Barntique Village"

"Perfectly Prepared Lobster & Desserts"

Regardless of whether you're going to shop, head east to "Duckwalk Vineyard" or just go in for a meal—you will not be disappointed...

From seaside favorites such as whole Lobster, Halibut Veracruz (with jalapeño, wine & avocado) and Striped Bass with Confetti Rice or Grass Fed Filet, Hampton Salad (with bleu cheese, pine nuts & raspberry vinaigrette) and the Chef's Pasta du Jour—the menu might be smaller than some but there's more than enough options for any guest to choose from and each dish I've tried has always come out made to perfection...  

"Trumpets on the Bay"

Though the views and scenery come at a premium, "if you love the one you're with, bring them here"

Me, I'll be heading back soon, if only for the Lobster Bisque and whole Lobster dinner I had the last time I was there—definitely worth a visit, if only once, and oh so "Definitely Delish

"Southern Shores" by R.Fisher